LIMBO for Android

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  • V 1.20
  • 4.2
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Creepy platform puzzle game for Android

LIMBO is a 2D platform puzzle game, originally released on Xbox and PC but now available for Android, too.

What's the plot

In LIMBO, you control a boy on a journey through a strange and frightening world full of monsters and mechanisms that are out to get him.

Each level of LIMBO features a series of puzzles and obstacles that require a mixture of thought and sometimes precision timing. It can be punishing, but the chilly atmosphere justifies the difficulty. This is a creepy platformer, and it's not supposed to be nice! The game has moments that are pretty scary, and while it's not gory, it can be gruesome.

The journey in LIMBO with your silent protagonist is full of memorable moments, and played in the dark it's a fantastic experience. It isn't a very long game, but it is excellent from start to finish, and there are few gaming experiences that are as involving.

Touch screen joy

People may have been worried that the original version of LIMBO wouldn't suit the touch screen controls of an Android device. Thankfully, the touch controls are pretty good. The good news is there's no on-screen joystick or action buttons, with all of the moves controlled via touch gestures on either side of the screen.

Some of the more intricate maneuvers like running jumps and dragging objects are a little fiddly to figure out, but once you've mastered them once you'll be fine.

LIMBO is presented in stark monochrome, but the graphics are far from basic, and the game has a real cinematic quality to it.

Animation in LIMBO is fantastic, and the dust and liquid effects really add a lot of atmosphere and depth. There is a flicker in the lighting that gives the game a dusty, old feeling. The sound is also excellent, helping to create one of the eeriest games around.

The verdict

LIMBO for Android is a chilling puzzle game that translates surprisingly well to touch screen. It can be frustratingly tricky at times, though!


  • Chilling, atmospheric presentation
  • Unique, captivating gameplay
  • Good touch controls


  • Puzzles are frustrating at times

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LIMBO for Android

  • Paid
  • In English
  • V 1.20
  • 4.2
  • (110)
  • Security Status

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